Beginner’s Branding Bundle

This Beginner’s Branding Bundle is perfect for you if you’re struggling to get the vision for your brand out of your head and onto paper, or you’re not even sure what the vision is for your brand.

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The bundle includes:

Branding Blueprint 2018

1. The Branding Blueprint

This will help you:

•  Determine exactly who your dream customers are

•  What your brand values are

•  How you can add extra value to your products/services

•  How to improve your brand experience

•  Clarify the problems, needs and wants of your dream customers and how you can help them.

•  Visualise where you’d like to be in 6 months and in a years time.

Visual Branding - How To Guide 2018

2. The Visual Branding – ‘How To’ Guide

This how-to-guide is going to help you:

•  Understand why you like the brands that you do

•  Determine which colours would work best for your brand

•  Find out which font style is more suitable for your brand

•  Pull everything together into a moodboard for your brand.